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After many years of practice, Dr. Monroe has many happy clients. Here are just a few testimonials from people she’s helped.


“I Love Dr. Monroe!
“I was referred to Dr. Monroe by a girlfriend who learned that I was researching alternative/natural solutions for both female issues and environmental allergies. After completing a lengthy questionnaire, Dr. Monroe spent a great deal of time with me asking questions — my symptoms, habits, behavior and family life. Dr. Monroe truly listened and “heard” what I was saying, then asked me “what do you think is going on?” So, I told her what I thought!
“Together, we came up with a plan of action. My experience was so validating that I brought our son in for a consultation and evaluation a few months later — also for allergy symptoms and possible food allergies. This visit was similar in nature, but she also included our son in the conversation.
After years of seeing medical doctors and trying to convince a medical doctor that I knew what was happening with my body (or my suspicions that our son had allergies), here was a medical professional validating my intuition, then spent time showing me graphics explaining WHY this was going on! For me, traditional medicine is important and has its place, and so does alternative forms of healing.
“If you are looking for a caring professional who uses natural products to heal and support your body, mind and spirit, I highly recommend giving Dr. Monroe a call!”

Elizabeth Chatten, patient since 2001

A Caring Professional
“If you are looking for a caring professional who uses natural products to heal and support your body, mind and spirit, I highly recommend giving Dr. Monroe a call!”

Happy Patient

A Skilled Detective
“I battled terrible migraine headaches for ten years. Conventional medicine offered me nothing except drugs, which made me as sick as the migraines. Frustrated by my experience, I began seeking help from alternative medicine. I found Dr. Priscilla Monroe and she suggested that food allergies might be contributing to the migraines.  She tested me and I eliminated the problem foods from my diet. The migraines went away immediately without my making any other changes! She identified the cause of the headaches, and when we eliminated that cause, the symptoms went away by themselves without the use of drugs or surgery.

Disease is a mystery to be solved, and the symptoms we experience are the “clues” to follow. To solve the mystery of what is making us sick, a doctor must possess exceptional “detective skills.”  And for this, Dr. Priscilla Monroe is extraordinarily gifted as a “medical detective.” She is more interested in finding the cause of your illness than in just treating its symptoms. I appreciate both her medical background as a registered nurse and her training in alternative therapies. She can therefore draw wisdom from both these disciplines."


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