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Peri-menopause is defined by 12 consecutive months without a period. This process can take from 6 – 13 years. During this time women's ovaries are spitting and sputtering and shifts in their hormone productions are beginning. When the ovaries quit their production of hormones, the adrenal glands have to take over the job. Many women already suffer from adrenal fatigue so this can be a difficult time. The adrenal gland is screaming “not another job to do!”  Adrenal support is very important for this transition to go smoothly.


Some of the peri-menopausal symptoms that women experience are heart palpitations, insomnia ( either trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep) varying degrees of anxiety and emotional imbalances, hot flashes and/or night sweats. Migraine headaches and acne can also be seen at this time. Women do not have to suffer with these symptoms.


Young women who are having painful periods also need support. Dr. Monroe does hormone panels to find out whether it’s the ovaries that need support or the brain areas, ie pituitary and hypothalamus. Dr. Monroe finds that getting young womens’ bodies functioning healthy can prevent some of the infertility problems that they might end up with, if not dealt with when they are young.


This can be such a wonderful phase of women's lives when their hormones are in balance. Again, hormone panels help Dr. Monroe to know how to balance hormones. This is essential as there is a feed-back system to the adrenal glands and, since the ovaries are no longer responsible for the majority of hormone production, the adrenal gland is. Keeping the adrenal gland healthy is the key to feeling well.

During this time many women are estrogen dominant so they feel “out of balance”. This is the time to support liver function as it is responsible for clearing the estrogen. A congested liver can't efficiently clear the estrogen and this causes further back up of estrogen and estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance increases our anxiety, increases our risk of breast cancer, makes it more difficult to loose weight and this feeds into weight gain.

Case Studies

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A Story from Dr. Monroe

I’d like to share my story of hormone overdose and why it has become a committment to my patients to prevent this from happening to other women.

About a year ago I was having a great deal of trouble sleeping. I could fall asleep, but woke up within a few hours and couldn’t get back to sleep again. Also, I was experiencing anxiety and trouble keeping weight off along with mood swings. I decided to have my hormone levels assessed by a lab that is one of few labs who do hormone panels well. It came back with my estrogen greater than 99 and it should have been between 2 and 10. My progesterone was elevated at 481 and it should have been around 95. In a state of stress and more anxiety I called the lab to see what was going on. The response was that this was normal for someone on hormone replacement therapy. The problem was that I was not on hormone replacement therapy. Their response was, "Yes you are!"

Knowing that the FDA allowed companies to put hormones in their products without ever putting it on the label, I first suspected a face cream that I was using. It was the only thing I was adding to my body. I decided to call the maker of the product to see if they it had added hormones. I was placed on hold for several minutes while the pleasant receptionist did some checking. She came back and gave me a negative response. Now, I was wondering if she was not telling the truth or did she even know the truth. I came to the conclusion that because the FDA didn't require it in the ingredient list she may not have even known the truth.

I quit the product and repeated the lab test a few months later. By this time sleep was wonderful again and much needed. The results came back with my estrogen level more normal at 6 and my progesterone at 200. I found, however, that because my levels dropped so quickly, memory function was compromised. It was like I was going into menopause all over again! This problem subsided after a few months thankfully!

At about this same time I had a dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer. Now many of us know loved ones with this diagnosis, but to me it took on a new meaning. The traditional medical world puts women on tamoxifin to block the estrogen effect on women who have estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. The problem with this is that their estrogen levels aren’t monitored and since we could be getting such high levels from face creams – what good is the medication? Many skin care products and beauty products have hormones and harmful chemicals in them. I highly recommend getting your levels monitored, especially if you are experiencing any of the same symptoms I did. With appropriate testing we can work together to bring your body into balance.

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